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Aleisha was a close friend of Brooke and Courtney, and was one of the coach kids. She was injured during the Battle of Lambeth Bridge and later drowned when the boat she was on crashed and split in half.


Coach trip

Before Greg's arrival

Aleisha attended a school in Willesden, along with her best friends Brooke and Courtney. Shortly before outbreak of the disease, they went on a school trip to Bilbao in Spain. When people started getting ill, the teachers decided to try and drive to Calais to get the ferry back to England.

They drove the coach hundreds of miles across Spain and France to reach Calais, where they were then stuck in a grotty hotel for a while, with no food, because no ferries were running. Eventually, the government organised for a single boat to ferry across those British citizens who were stuck on the continent. Crowds of people were desperate to get aboard, and the coach was only able to get on because it was full of kids.

The coach made it to Ashford before the coach driver became ill. After that, the last remaining teacher, Mr Betts, drove the countryside before becoming ill himself.

After Greg's arrival

The coach became surrounded by sickos, but eventually Greg Thorne arrived, killed the sickos with his gun, and took over the coach. Aleisha, Brooke and Courtney were the only three kids left on the coach at that point: the rest of their classmates had either been killed or had split off in Calais and Ashford. The trio sat at the back of the coach, behind the food supplies.

For two days, Greg drove the coach towards London, until the second night, when they stopped near London Bridge. In the morning, he was sick, and drove west until stopping near the Imperial War Museum, where he attempted to kill the kids on the coach. Aleisha snuck past him with her friends and escaped out the door of the coach with the other kids.

Imperial War Museum

Aleisha and the other kids climbed over the fence at the front of the museum, and banged on the doors until the kids inside opened the doors and let them in. After negotiating with Jordan Hordern, the coach kids were allowed to stay at the museum, as long as they supplied their own food. That evening, Aleisha, along with the other girls and younger kids tidied the museum cafe while the older boys retrieved the remaining food from the coach. They couldn't be bothered to ration the food, so they feasted and ate it all at once. That night the kids all slept together in the 1940s house exhibit.

Expedition to Tesco

The next morning, Aleisha went on a search for food with Brooke, Courtney, Justin, Jack, Bam, Ed, Frédérique and DogNut. They went to a Tesco near the Kennington gasholders, avoiding a group of sickos on the way. When the arrived at the Tesco, they found it had been looted, and no food remained. The group ran from the supermarket after some sickos, led by Pez, arrived. They skirted round the back of the supermarket and then ran for a few minutes until reaching a yard surrounded by garages and lock-ups.

In an alley off the yard, they found a Tesco lorry loaded with food. After Jack and Bam lifted the driver from the cab, Aleisha helped the other girls drag his body away. While doing so, the girls were surrounded by a group of about fifteen sickos. The grown-ups became distracted by Frédérique, allowing the other three to escape back to the lorry. They climbed up onto the roof and Justin began to drive it out of the alley. After running over the sickos on the way out of the alley, the lorry stopped and everyone got off the roof and into the trailer for the journey back to the Imperial War Museum.

Battle of Lambeth Bridge

Main article: Battle of Lambeth Bridge

After the DogNut, Justin and the girls returned with the food, the kids at the museum celebrated. They slept in the 1940s house again that night, but by the morning, the Great Fire was closing in on the museum. The coach kids decided to leave in the lorry and cross into north London via Lambeth Bridge.

The lorry flattened the railings surrounding the museum, and started moving down Lambeth Road towards the bridge. They moved slowly, as the road was filled with kids. At this point, David's escort had moved forwards to clear some crashed cars, so Ed, along with Aleisha, Courtney, and Matt's group got out of the lorry to guard it. As the lorry crossed over the roundabout and onto the bridge, a mass of sickos, fleeing the fire, reached the back of the group of kids, causing them to panic.

Ed's group gathered more kids as they moved back across the roundabout towards the Garden Museum, where they began to fight off the sickos. In the struggle, Aleisha was pushed over and bitten on the forearm by Frédérique. She was then rescued from the sickos by Courtney, but was bleeding badly. The group slowly retreated towards the Thames, eventually being forced down onto the walkway that ran alongside the river, when Jordan Hordern and his boys arrived. The kids decided they were unable to reach the bridge, so instead fought their way to Lambeth Pier, and onto a boat.


Once on the boat, Kyle and Courtney took Aleisha below deck and saw to her wound, disinfecting and bandaging it. She had lost a lot of blood and was in shock, but was trying to remain cheerful. However, the boys on the top deck fought over where to steer towards, and the boat crashed into Westminster Bridge. The impact knocked Aleisha to the floor and she hit her head on a table, almost knocking her unconscious. Moments later, the boat completely split in two, and Aleisha was dragged into the Thames by the force of the water, quickly drowning.

Physical appearance and traits

"I'm a right bitch, but I'm pretty so I can get away with it. Unlike Aleisha who's an ugly little midget and has to be nice to everyone."
Brooke, comparing herself to Aleisha[1]

Being of African-Caribbean descent, Aleisha had dark skin and black hair. She was a small girl, not much taller than seven-year-old Froggie. She was kind and caring, letting the younger kids imagine her as their mum.


  • Brooke and Courtney:
    The trio were inseparable, constantly making jokes about each other. Whenever one of them volunteered to do a job, the other two would also agree.


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