Adelaide Milton, also known as Addie to her friends and family, is a fan character in The Enemy series. She is first introduced in The Dead and survives the series until The End.


Before the disease Edit

Not much is known about Adelaide before the disease. It is revealed in flashbacks that she lived in North London with her parents and her older brother named Sebastian. Her family all died from the disease, leaving Adelaide alone with little to no idea how to survive other than her knowledge of horror films and video games she had learned through her elder brother. Her full name is Adelaide Sasha Milton. She is also half-English, half-German and is fluent in both English and German.

During the disease Edit

Before the books Edit

Adelaide arrived in South London after leaving the North a few weeks after the initial outbreak and is found by DogNut who takes her back to the Imperial War Museum after saving her from a group of sickos. She is initially hesitant to trust the group but quickly grows to have a mutual respect for them, treating everyone like family. She is placed in charge of the food supply, because she's a girl, she's seen as an important asset to the group, therefore she's not allowed to go out and fight.

The Dead Edit

Adelaide first appears once Ed and the rest of the bus group arrive at the museum, she is initially sceptical of the group but becomes calmer once she sees that they have other girls (Aleshia, Brooke, Courtney and Frédérique) in the group and accepts that they will stay. She later has a mutual respect for Aleshia, Brooke and Courtney and somewhat enjoys their company.

During the fire, Adelaide leaves the museum with Brooke and Justin in the van but before she leaves, she kisses DogNut and begs him to come with her, to which he refuses. At the battle of Lambeth Bridge, Adelaide uses a gun Jordan gave her to fight off sickos but is forced to back down once she receives a mild concussion. She later stays with Brooke and Justin and goes to the Natural History Museum, not knowing what happened to DogNut or anyone else not with the van.

The Fear Edit

After spending a year at the Natural History Museum, Adelaide is now part of the fighters and along side Jackson, one of the most valued members. After a scavenging mission goes wrong, Adelaide appears to be almost emotionally dead until DogNut arrives and the pair have an emotional reunion. The pair spend the next few days together, admitting their feelings for each other. On their last night together, they admit they they love each other and have sex.

She decides to go back to the Tower with DogNut before being ambushed at Green Park by the Gym Bunnies. She survives but is heartbroken at the death of DogNut, and returns to the Natural History Museum after the Holloway Crew believe her to be dead. She stays at the museum for a few days after but leaves after being unable to cope with the death of DogNut.

The End Edit

Adelaide is first seen arriving at Hyde Park with a group of thirty warriors, known as South London Crew - one of the biggest and most feared groups in the city. It is revealed that she has become the leader of the group after their previous leader was killed in a fight with a large group of sickos. Later, we learn that one of the main reasons why Adelaide returned to North London was to avenge her girlfriend - Clara - who was killed by someone from North London. We also learn that she has fallen pregnant with DogNut's child but refuses to admit it or tell her people, instead only telling a select few.

Despite her pregnancy, she fights alongside Ed in the battle of Hyde Park and survives, killing many sickos and protecting many kids along the way. She later returns to South London after the battle, despite the offering to stay in the North.

Appearance Edit

Adelaide is described as rather beautiful with slightly tanned skin and long flowing dark hair. During The End, she gains a lot of facial scars and scars on her arms from various fights, but they do not diminish her beauty. In The Dead, she wears a t-shirt and jeans, but in The Fear she changes into wearing shorts, tights and a t-shirt. During The End, she wears completely black but occasionally wears DogNut's jacket that she took from him after his death. She also wears black war paint during The End.

Personality Edit

Adelaide is kind and caring to those closest to her but to most people, she can be quite cruel with her words and she knows how to manipulate people into getting what she wants. She's not afraid to speak her mind and almost constantly swears, much to the annoyance of everyone else. Despite being a highly capable fighter; during The End, she is almost never seen without at least one bodyguard.

Equipment Edit

Machine gun - Adelaide first uses this during the Battle at Lambeth Bridge. She keeps it afterwards but never uses it.

Throwing knives - Adelaide obtains four of them while living at the Natural History Museum. She loses most of them during the ambush at Green Park.

Baseball bat with nails - Adelaide obtains this while living at the Natural History Museum. She loses it after it breaks during the ambush at Green Park.

Sword - Adelaide obtains her sword while living in South London and it becomes her main weapon.

Relationships Edit

DogNut - at first, Adelaide and DogNut seem to hate one another but they grow to love each other and begin a relationship but DogNut dies before they can properly have a chance together.

Clara - she is only mentioned but she is described to be someone close to Adelaide and helped her get over DogNut and helped her love again but she died on a scavenger mission in North London.

Shadowman - Adelaide and Shadowman knew each other vaguely before the disease but were never truly friendly with one another. During The End, Adelaide and Shadowman form an unlikely alliance and agree to help each other as much as they can.

Esme - the relationship Adelaide has with Esme is very close, almost a mother/daughter relationship. Adelaide initially saved Esme from starvation while on a run and the pair had a close bond ever since. Adelaide was clearly upset when Esme was killed.

David - from the moment Adelaide met David, she had a strong disliking for him and eventually tries to kill him numerous times, since she believes that he was responsible for Clara's death.