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Achilleus, or Akkie, is a fighter from the Waitrose crew, and is widely regarded as one of their best fighters. He wields a spear and is deadly effective with it. He is considered a typical boy and can appear quite bully-ish even cruel on occasion. He is looked up to by many of the Holloway crew and feared by others because of his abilities.

Overall, however, he is loyal to his leaders and cares for most of the kids within the crews  

Achilleus reveals that his father is from Cyprus and that his mother died when he was young and so his dad always made sure he had his jabs and was up to date on his health. Because of this he hates hospitals. He used to enjoy hanging out with his mates and it is hinted that he used to be a bully. 

During the Disease

Before the Disease

Akkie survived with the Waitrose kids when the disease broke out and acted as their main fighter, being a valuable piece to their survival, and helped contribute a lot to their daily lives. He would regularly go out with Arran on scavenging parties and was skilled with his spear.

During The Enemy

Achilleus first appears in the second chapter, along with Arran, Deke, Freak and Ollie on a scavenging party as they are attacked by a pack of dogs. Akkie helps scare them off and guts one of the dead dogs so the others will eat it, instead of coming for them.  


Akkie later leads a fighting party with Arran to help save a boy from the street and successfully kills multiple sickos. He then listens and laughs at the boy, Jester, when he reveals he is from Buckingham Palace, but regardless goes with the rest of the Holloway crew to the Palace the following morning. During the travel to the Centre of London Akkie bonds with members of the Morrisons crew who were once his enemies. Along the way down Camdem road Akkie fights with the rest of the Holloway fighters against St George's army. He survives the battle and finds Arran dying with the others.

As they discuss how to best remove the arrow from Arran's chest, Akkie yanks it out before anyone can stop him, causing Arran immense pain and making everyone believe he is dead, until he reveals he's still alive. After Arran dies Akkie along with the rest of the Holloway crew continues on their way to Buckingham Palace, and as they make their way through Regent's Park Akkie has to help fight of the sickened monkeys. 

The following morning Akkie is part of the scout team that explores Selfridges, and once the rest are in there Akkie finds himself a new suit to wear, including a blue jacket. Whilst in there a group of harmless sickos dressed in odd clothes come down the stairs, and Akkie against Maxie's protests throws one off the floor down to its death. He then acts unfazed by it, although he realizes he went too far. The group continue on their way, until they find a small group of kids (DogNut's group heading back to the Tower of London with Brooke) being attacked by a larger force of adults (The Gym Bunnies), and so Akkie is part of the team that kill them and rescue the one surviving girl (Brooke). 

They eventually make it to Buckingham Palace where they rest before being treated to a dinner that evening, and meet David, the leader of the Palace. The following day Akkie along with Blue, Maxie, Whitney, Ollie and Lewis is forced to wait for almost two hours in a room for David and Jester, who eventually show up and lead them to a room. Within the room David reveals he has five or so sickos captive, who are all minor members of the royal family, and reveals he plans to use them as a figurehead to unite the kids of London under him.

He also reveals his plans to use the Holloway crew to attack the Squatters of St. James Park, a group of children who live wild and attack the Palace kids. Akkie along with Ollie, Blue and Lewis agree, and the following morning march to the Squatter camp to meet its leader Just John. Whilst there confrontation quickly arises and Akkie knocks John out cold before anyone can stop him, causing a full on fight between the two groups, which ends in Freak's death. Maxie manages to take John prisoner and tells the Squatters to come to the Palace later and they'll talk or else. 

When the Squatters second in command, Carl, and some other Squatter fighters arrive at the Palace, they refuse to work with David, who wants to utilize St. James Park. Just John proposes a fight between him and Achilleus and that whoever wins will decide whether the Squatters work with or against them. Akkie accepts and David and Jester ask if he can win, to which he says yes, despite Maxie's protests. John then reveals its a fight to the death, and Akkie replies, "That's my kind of fight". Maxie and others than break into argument. 

Later that day Akkie eats alone in the kitchen, getting ready for the fight ahead, when Jester comes to him and gives him a shield. Jester then asks if he wants to try and take control along with Jester if he wins. Akkie refuses, stating he doesn't want to be in charge and that he can't trust Jester. He then proceeds on to the fighting ground in the centre of the Palace.

His fight with John is long and slow and for most of it John has the upper hand, causing Achilleus multiple injuries, including a cut across his chest and arm, and his ear to almost fall off. In the end, Achilleus out smarts him and beats him through acting dazed before quickly finishing him. Instead of killing John however, he embarrasses him by kissing him on the lips, before shouting at David to never forget what he did for him, then passing out. 

He is next seen in a chair as Rose sows his ear back on and fixes his wounds, whilst people come to congratulate him. One boy named Paddy asks to be his apprentice, and Akkie agrees. Later Maxie visits him and asks if he'll visit Blue with her, but he refuses. He then has Paddy fetch his meal and begins telling him how he'll teach him to fight. He also has Paddy fetch Freak's bag and takes his spray cans. 

Whilst Maxie and Blue are locked up, Akkie and Lewis both overwhelm the guard and free them. Later as they escape the Palace, Akkie sprays on the Queen Victoria statue "FREAK LIVES! #AKKIEDEAKEY" to which Maxie hugs and thanks him.

They then continue off on their way to the Natural History Museum. A lot more happens throughout the books. Including the death of his close friend Paddy in The End and the revelation that he was gay. It is later hinted he might have a relationship with Will from the Tower.


Achilleus is described as being relatively normal sized, though slightly shorter than Arran, with close cropped hair and shavings in it. He is described as not the best looking, but no where near hideous. This however changes after his fight with John, his injuries give him a scary beaten up look. He is well muscled and strong, and wears a shirt and jogging bottoms on when fighting. He also wears a suit when casual. 

Art by Rowbie.alien


Achilleus has quite a aggressive attitude and very unforgiving to his enemies. He readily points out the flaws in others plans, and also is quick to anger along with being insulting and sarcastic. He acts rashly and is quite uncontrollable, but he can see when he is wrong and will try to make things right. He is liked by many of the Holloway crew for his skill and ability, and disliked and feared by the others for his viciousness and his cruelness.


  • Spear - Akkie's most associated item is his spear, which he wields expertly. It is made out of a building pipe with a sharpened end and a rock at the other, which is used for blundering enemies. He is so skilled with it he can even defeat more skilled fighters such as John with it (although it should be noted that John underestimated Akkie during their battle when he felt he had the advantage). 
  • Knife - Akkie uses a knife on occasion, such as when his spear is unavailable or when he needs to gut animals. 
  • Club - Akkie uses his club on occasion, such as when he visits the Squatters camp with the others.
  • Shield - He receives the shield from Jester before his fight with John, and it is later stated he keeps it. It is described as quiet heavy and it hampers his fighting style somewhat, but it's useful regardless.
  • Hand Crank Torch - Akkie uses this when exploring the swimming pool and Selfridges. 
  • Spray Paint - He has Paddy fetch this for him after Freak's death to write a message using it.